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Business Boss Bundle

Business Boss Bundle

Regular price $40

The bundles are a great way to start your business wardrobe. From business meetings, vendor events, or just going to an outing, the bundles are great conversation starters for your business. We all know that business cards and word of mouth works. However, wearing your brand gives the consumers a different feel about doing business with you. They take you a little more serious. Wearing your brand shows you mean business. These bundles would make perfect business shower gifts! With the bundle deals, there are a few stipulations. I will list details below. These are just starter bundles and will include the embroidery digitizing fees of your logo. All items are embroidered! 

Things you must have....

1. Clean and Clear Logo (No picture or animated logos). We don’t design logos. 

2. Logo must be no more than 3 colors. 

3. You must have solid colors. (No ombre' colored)

4. Add-on items are ONLY to be purchased with a bundle…. If you purchase Add-on items only, the order will be canceled. 


Bundle #1- Baseball Cap and Polo style shirt

Bundle #2- Baseball Cap, Polo style shirt, and Lunch Bag

Bundle #3- Baseball Cap, 2 Polo style shirts, Lunch Bag, and Vending Apron (Full or waist)


PLEASE allow 14 BUSINESS days for your items to ship or be ready for pick up.