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About Designs By Estell

Designs by Estell embodies the true meaning of quality personalized fashion. Through a mixture of custom embroidery and tees made with love, she introduces the beauty and art of Designs by Estell.

Cherika was born into a family of master seamstresses. Her grandmother, Estell whom she was named after, was a seamstress who designed everything from quilts to school uniforms. Maturing in a family of creative minds, it was only natural for Cherika to gravitate towards fashion.

As a child, she observed unique sewing techniques. As she got older, her common pass time included studying designs and designing bows to afford a sewing machine that would catapult her dream into a reality. With her love for all things fashion, she went on to creating designs that catered to tall women like herself and mom’s on the go. After investing in formal classes, she launched her own line, Designs by Estell.

Designs by Estell is a custom brand geared towards mothers with impeccable style. Her designs are creative with a mixture of feminism, romanticism and modernity. Designs by Estell reflects her continual inspiration from art, fashion story-telling, and her deeply rooted passion for self-expression. Designs By Estell also performs basic alterations for her clients.